Actual Patient of Jae Pak, M.D.

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Actual Patient of Jae Pak, M.D.
“Within a couple of minutes of being at Jae Pak MD Medical, I instantly knew they were going to do a great job…and I’m very happy with my results!”

This patient of Jae Pak MD Medical wanted to fill in his hairline where he had experienced some recession. He wanted to lower the hairline and fill in the temples. Dr. Pak used the FUE method of extracting the hair from the back of the scalp to add to the hairline area.

With the Follicular Unit Excision method, the back and sides of the scalp must be shaved to a zero guard. You can have your stylist shave your scalp into a “fade” or “buzz” cut, or we can take care of it in the office on the day of your procedure. Long Hair FUE is also available in which Dr. Pak shaves tiny strips of hair under longer hair, so the lines of shaved hair cannot be seen. The hair must be longer than a three-guard for this process.

# of Grafts
FUE Hair Transplant

Before the Procedure

FUE Hair Transplant
You will create your ideal hairline with Dr. Pak on the day of your procedure.

After the Surgery

FUE Hair Transplant
Immediately after the procedure. Dr. Pak has lowered the hairline and filled in the temple 

The day after a procedure, patients come for a post-operative check up and hair wash.

The Final Results

FUE Hair Transplant


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