An image of a man who is an actor poses confidently after receiving a combination of an FUE Hair Transplant to restore his hairline, beard and eyebrows.
Actual Patient of Jae Pak, M.D.

Filling in patches around his hairline, beard and eyebrows has made a huge impact for this actor!

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Actual Patient of Jae Pak, M.D.
I was so pleased with Dr. Pak's work the first time, that I had multiple procedures with him. The fact that I went back for multiple procedures with him should be all you need to know about how good his work is and how thankful I am for that decision.

This patient received a combination of an FUE Hair Transplant to restore his hairline, beard and eyebrows. After receiving his Hair Transplant, he spoke with Dr. Pak to receive Scalp MicroPigmentation to fill in the thinning areas of his scalp and create a fuller, denser look.

Very often, our patients will want to get a first hair transplant procedure done with less grafts to see how natural the procedure may be. After seeing their initial results, we find they feel comfortable enough getting multiple procedures to fill in other areas of concern. To see if a Hair Transplant is right for you, speak with Dr. Pak and request a consultation.

# of Grafts
FUE Hair Transplant

Before the Procedure

Actual Patient of Jae Pak, M.D. pre FUE surgery

FUE Transplant

Hairline, Beard and Eyebrows
Patient before Transplant. Notice where Dr. Pak drew in the areas he wanted filled in.
Actual Patient of Jae Pak, M.D. - Patient's Eyebrow Immediately after his procedure.

4 to 10 Months

After the Procedure
Left - Patient does check up with Dr. Pak 4 months after surgery. Right - Patient returns for 10 month checkup.
After surgery, patients should expect full growth within 9-12 months after the procedure. This patient had some concern that no growth was happening around the 4 month mark. He returns 10 months later, and the areas of hair growth are significant.

Final Results


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