Body Hair FUE

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An image of a man who is an actor poses confidently after receiving a combination of an FUE Hair Transplant to restore his hairline, beard and eyebrows.
Actual Patient of Jae Pak, M.D.

What is Body Hair FUE?

An alternative to standard FUE that removes shaving the back and sides of the scalp.

How does Body Hair FUE work?

The doctor will remove hair from the beard area, to use for the scalp. There is no linear incision and the scalp does not need to be shaved from the crown down the sides and back.

Will the Body Hair FUE method give me the best results?

The implantation of the hair follicle is the same for both FUE and FUT (Strip) harvesting methods and both are reliable methods. The technical skill of the surgeon relates to how the hairs are removed from the donor area (harvested). The artistic skill of the surgeon relates to how the hairs are placed (implanted) in the recipient area. These two factors determine your final result.

What do I need to know about Body Hair FUE transection?

A skilled doctor such as Jae Pak, M.D. will minimize transection to ensure the best results! The transection of a hair follicle happens when the end portion of a hair follicle is cut or damaged due to misalignment of the FUE device.

How do doctors get qualified in performing Body Hair FUE?

There is no certification for FUE harvesting. Few doctors have been trained in performing FUE because training is not generally available.

Dr. Pak has performed Body Hair FUE to enhance hairlines, facial hair and eyebrows.

Who will be performing my Body Hair FUE surgery?

At Jae Pak MD Medical, your surgeon will be harvesting the FUE grafts and creating the sites for the grafts to be implanted. Experienced, well trained medical technicians will prepare the grafts under special microscopes and implant the grafts based on the incision sites Dr. Pak creates.

You should always ask your surgeon about their experience and who will be performing which aspects of your surgery.

Can I have Body Hair FUE to transplant to areas besides my hairline, eyebrows and beard?

At Jae Pak MD Medical, we perform transplants for the hairline, eyebrows and beard area only. We do not do hair transplants for any other areas of the body.