Did Floyd Mayweather Have a Beard Transplant?

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The great Floyd Mayweather, Jr. is a certified superstar and surely one of the best boxers of all time.

His style in the ring is quick, technical, and purely professional. However, his personal life has attracted some drama and controversy through the years, and he always seems to make headlines one way or another!

This time, Mayweather got heat from the public forum concerning his looks, specifically his beard. The star has generally kept a groomed look throughout his career but recently showed off a full beard, to our surprise.

The question everyone’s asking now is whether Floyd Mayweather had a beard transplant and if this was really the best decision for his overall look. Can we get to the bottom of this mystery and figure out the truth and determine whether his beard transplant was really the best money can buy?

Let’s explore Floyd Mayweather’s facial hair journey and see what lessons we can take away from the champ to help anyone considering a beard transplant for themselves.

Floyd Mayweather’s Beard: What We Know

Unlike the social media frenzy, we never want to leap to conclusions about someone’s facial hair from a distance. Let’s briefly review Floyd Mayweather’s beard progression over time to get some background info and make a smart assessment.

Clean Shaven Start

Mayweather was born in 1977 and made his boxing debut at 20. His first few fights showcased a young and energetic Mayweather with plenty of potential and a clean-cut look.

In fact, there’s no sign that the young Mayweather had any facial hair at all in the first decade or so of his career. He also cut his hair extremely short to the point that it was difficult to distinguish his actual hairline.

Many men struggle to grow beards throughout their teens and twenties, so it’s not unexpected for a high-profile figure like Mayweather to opt for the clean-shaven route in his early career.

If the only other option is to show a scraggly or insufficient beard in the ring, we can see why someone in Mayweather’s position would choose the clean shave every time.

The Signature Goatee

It wasn’t until around 2012 — when Mayweather was 35 — that the boxer started to grow his famous goatee and make it part of his persona. At first, this partial beard appeared thin and gradually became more developed with time.

Still, it’s hard to see whether Floyd’s beard was capable of further growth since he kept his cheeks and neck closely shaved during this phase.

It’s possible that Mayweather was in search of a more fully developed beard but simply came up against his genetic potential and settled for a look that made the most of his situation.

Full Beard Appears

As Mayweather concluded his boxing career with a pristine record and millions in earnings, he still maintained the same goatee’d look with no major changes.

That’s why it was surprising to see Mayweather return to the public eye in 2021 with a full beard, which nobody had ever seen on the superstar before. Not only did he have a more complete goatee and mustache area, but he showed more complete growth on his cheeks and jawline than ever before.

Since Mayweather was in his early 40s, it’s safe to say that his natural facial hair was nearly complete by now. The leading explanation is that he had a beard transplant to fill in gaps, which we might speculate on soon.

The Response to Mayweather’s Beard

Everything is scrutinized to the fullest degree in celebrity culture — even something like a simple cosmetic procedure. Since Floyd Mayweather seems to stir up controversy with whatever he does, his new beard became a social media news item in January of 2021.

50 Cent Speaks Up

As rivals in business and media, 50 Cent led the charge as people piled onto Mayweather for his facial hair. The rapper and entrepreneur mentioned Mayweather online, implying that Floyd’s new facial hair was transplanted from his rear end.

The joke was standard fare for celebrity beef, but 50 soon withdrew his comments from the internet, presumably after a conversation with Floyd or his staff. There’s no telling what happens behind the scenes when reputations are at stake!

The Public Responds

While 50 Cent was the first to strike, many other low-level celebs and anonymous internet names got involved in calling out Mayweather for his hair.

However, when reviewing these comments, it seems like nobody has an actual problem with the quality or outcome of the transplant itself. Since cosmetic procedures are so common in this era, it’s not much of an event anymore.

Floyd made the best choice by staying silent amid the media whirlwind and focused on making business moves as usual.

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Beard Transplant or All Natural? 5 Signs To Consider

The quick public consensus was that Floyd Mayweather had a beard transplant, simply based on the media buzz and bandwagon effect. While we’ll never know for sure whether his beard was transplanted or not, we can look for the signs and draw a more informed conclusion.

1. Time and Place

What raises eyebrows immediately is that Mayweather went from zero to one-hundred with his beard after more than two decades in the public eye.

There’s also the fact that Mayweather made few appearances during 2020 when sports were offline, and he conveniently made a comeback for the famous exhibition with Jake Paul in 2021. Mayweather is a master marketer, and his beard timing was certainly not coincidental.

2. Visual Markers

Several photos from 2021 show that Floyd Mayweather’s beard was likely the result of a transplant. Hair on his cheeks appears somewhat sparse and underdeveloped as if the healing phase was still incomplete.

There is also a strong and notable difference in the shape and quality of his cheek and goatee hair, which has since become more natural-looking with time.

Beard transplants can look natural once fully healed, but Mayweather may have taken these pictures too soon and showed his hand.

3. Hairline Restoration

Mayweather’s hairline receded as he rose to the top of the boxing world, and he soon shaved his head entirely before fights. However, his hairline bounced back completely along with his new beard in 2021, suggesting that he had a hair and beard transplant together.

Given his resources and the timing of the procedure, it’s not out of the question that Mayweather chose to replenish his beard and hairline simultaneously.

4. Public Reaction

Why the outcry from the public over something simple like a beard transplant? This is just part of the deal when a celebrity changes their appearance, and it’s to be expected.

We can’t blame the public for making a scene over Mayweather’s transplant, but we can gather that there’s some truth to what the masses are saying.

5. Track Record

Mayweather is known as a man who does what he wants without thinking twice and without approval from anyone else.

This is the same man who spends millions on cars, jewelry, and homes and has an entire team of media and marketers in his corner. Why wouldn’t he spend a few thousand dollars drastically improving his appearance? For Mayweather, it’s less than a day’s work.

Lessons from Mayweather’s Beard Journey

As with all celebrity beard transplants, we suggest you learn from their successes — and mistakes — so that you can take the best course of action and keep risk to a minimum.

Here are the lessons to take from Mayweather’s beard saga and how you can apply them to your own facial hair restoration plan.

Quality Matters Most

Say what you want about Mayweather, but the results from his beard transplant are undeniably good. Setting aside the pictures from his healing phase, the boxer’s current beard looks full, thick, and natural.

This is why you should prioritize a quality clinic and surgeon when you’re planning a beard transplant, and never settle for less.

Go for Two in One

Floyd likely combined his beard and hair transplant into a short time frame between one or two procedures. Today’s technology permits this type of procedure if you’re willing to commit, so don’t count it out.

Let Your Beard Heal

If you are in the public eye, do yourself a favor and wait until your beard is healed 100% before showing it off in public or on social media. Mayweather made this mistake by sharing pictures of his beard before the follicles were fully rooted and grown in. The facial hair looked incomplete and awkward at the time.

It’s always better to wait until you have the results you want before doing the big reveal.

Floyd Mayweather’s Beard Is a Knockout

Despite the internet drama and speculation, we can safely say that Floyd Mayweather’s beard looks great, along with his fully restored head of hair. Antics and persona aside, he found the winning formula for his beard and deserves credit where due.

This transformation was not the norm in previous areas, but advanced technologies and techniques have made these amazing results possible.

Of course, Mayweather has no problem getting the very best hair and beard transplants available, along with top-tier therapies and medicines to supplement his hair growth. Still, we can look to Mayweather as a great example of what’s possible if you pursue hair restoration the right way.

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