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For more than 20 years, Bradley Cooper has been a well-known name in Hollywood, with hair to match his onscreen presence and charm. He has always had acting chops, but his hair has not been as consistent as his artistry through the years.


You might not think of Bradley Cooper as someone who struggles with hair loss, especially with his reputation for legendary locks. However, like many celebrities and public figures, Cooper has had issues maintaining his hairline and likely opted for a hair transplant to stay on the A-list for so long.


In this article, we’re looking into the story behind Cooper’s hair loss and determining which treatments he might have pursued to keep his signature look on point. 

History of Bradley Cooper’s Hairline

Cooper has not been forthcoming about his experience with hair loss and dismissed comments about hair transplantation. This isn’t uncommon among celebrities, but it does lead to speculation about his hair progression and possible restoration methods.


Let’s look back on Cooper’s career and see if we can find any signs that he did undergo a procedure or take alternative routes to hair restoration. 

Early Career and Abundant Hair

Cooper had no issues in the hair department in his early years as an actor in his 20s. His debut in Wet Hot American Summer showcased his preppy look and a solid hairline, though not particularly low on his forehead.


Even looking back at yearbook pictures from school, Cooper never seemed to have a youthful hairline, as the placement of his hairline was slightly higher and mature. This suited his look well, and he structured his hair well to frame his face in a balanced way.


His mature hairline held strong for the first leg of his career as he experimented with various styles, from the high-and-tight look to a messy surfer vibe with light streaks of color. It was clear that Cooper was blessed with great hair genetics, even if his hairline showed some weaknesses here and there.

Rise to Fame and Minor Hair Loss

Cooper’s big break came with his role in Wedding Crashers in 2005, when he portrayed a prepster with an Ivy League hairstyle. At 30 years old, Cooper’s hairline had receded slightly, though it could still be categorized as a mature look rather than a red flag.


However, the rising star faced new challenges in addition to career pressures as a leading man in films like Failure to Launch and Yes Man. Cooper’s hair has progressed to Norwood 2 or 3 status at this time, showing considerable thinning on the sides of his head and creating the M-shaped hairline typical of these categories.


It’s possible that Cooper used a subtle hair system to get a boost for filming these movies, but off camera, photos from this era show Cooper with sparse coverage on the frontal third of his scalp. 


As the star was headed toward his mid-30s, he likely used medication to support his remaining hair. Still, the pressures of genetics, aging, and the entertainment industry were clearly not in his favor.

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Hair Restoration and Career Resurgence

Cooper likely had his first hair transplant in preparation for the filming of The Hangover. In that film, Cooper’s hair looks significantly restored, and his public appearances at the time are consistent with this new look. 


Cooper was boldly wearing new hairstyles that showed off his strong and maybe new hairline, which he had previously obscured with messy hairstyles and other tactics. He now wore slicked-back styles that were otherwise off-limits, as they would have revealed his receding hairline more clearly.


There’s no doubt that Cooper made the right move at a pivotal juncture of his career, and his hair transplant was a success by all accounts. His new hairline appeared natural and fit with the shape of his face and forehead. He also opted to maintain the mature hairline rather than pushing it forward for a more youthful look, a method that often yields mixed results.


In other words, Cooper’s hair transplant was a home run, and it helped him go on to secure roles in blockbusters like Silver Linings Playbook and American Sniper. We can’t definitively say that Cooper’s hair transplant saved his career, but it certainly didn’t hurt his rise to the top.

Bradley Cooper’s Current Hair Status

Now in his late 40s, Cooper maintains a diverse range of hairstyles and continues to work in Hollywood, onscreen and off. In recent years, he has been seen sporting his hair in a loose bun, wearing it wavy and messy, and reverting to the short and spiky look of his youth.


Bradley Cooper has his hair down to a science, but is it possible that the star had a follow-up hair transplant more recently to keep his hairline in order? While Cooper’s first transplant was no doubt successful, he might have undergone another smaller procedure more recently to maintain coverage and an evenly structured hairline.


Cooper likely uses various medicines and alternative treatments to keep his hair looking ready for the red carpet and big-budget films. He is known for living a healthy lifestyle and avoiding alcohol, which could contribute to his ability to hang onto his hair for longer. 


We can only guess what Cooper currently does to keep his hair in prime condition, but he clearly has the formula figured out for a man approaching the age of 50.

What Type of Hair Transplant Did Bradley Cooper Have?

All signs point to Bradley Cooper having a hair transplant back in 2008, before the filming of The Hangover. This movie secured his place on the A-list, which was clearly the right move for his career. 


But while we don’t know all the details of his particular procedure, we can examine photos and put together a case for what he might have done at the time.

Scope of Transplant

When Cooper was experiencing the worst of his hair loss, his first priority was to address the coverage on the frontal third of his scalp. This meant improving the areas on either side of his head, which had formed an M-shape, while also adding to the density of the middle of his hairline.


He succeeded with a small-to-midsize hair transplant that likely included 1500 or 2000 total grafts. This is the typical transplant size for men in Cooper’s situation in the Norwood 2 or 3 stage of hair loss. While Cooper may have considered adding more grafts to lower his hairline further, he made the right call by opting for a mature hairline that was more conducive to his natural appearance.


Cooper may have also added some hair to the crown of his head to increase coverage in that area, as thinning tends to occur there as well. However, he didn’t appear to have a major bald spot on the vertex, so this is debatable. 

Type of Transplant

When Cooper started researching hair transplant options, he was given a choice between FUT strip surgery and the newer, more refined FUE extraction method. Considering the scope of his transplant, Cooper probably chose FUE and avoided the horizontal scarring that comes with FUT.


Had Cooper’s hair loss been more severe, or had he waited just a few more years, a larger FUT surgery might have been his best option. Thankfully, he opted for FUE at the right time since this method was accepted as a mainstream hair restoration practice in the late 2000s. 


With FUE, Cooper’s surgeon could target high-quality hair follicles in his donor area and select them specifically for transplantation to his target area on the frontal third of his scalp. FUE gave Cooper the advantage of a quicker recovery time, which allowed him to return to work in a shorter timeframe.


The FUE decision also let Cooper maintain a larger portion of his donor hair that he could utilize later in life if he wanted to follow up with another smaller procedure.

Secondary Procedures

We can’t confirm if Cooper had a secondary hair transplant in recent years since his hairline hasn’t shifted dramatically either way. However, for a man of his age, it’s possible that his initial hair transplant has faded slightly, and another procedure could certainly help fill in some minor gaps.


Even an FUE procedure of a few hundred grafts can make a difference in the appearance of fullness and density on the hairline, which Cooper is known for. With the addition of alternative treatments and medicines, Cooper has done everything right to keep his hair looking great into middle age and beyond.

Get Your Hair Hollywood Ready

Bradley Cooper is all business when it comes to his hair, and he succeeded in restoring his hairline at a pivotal point in his career. His case proves that even a mature hairline can be restored effectively and made to look natural and authentic. 


If you’re ready to start your hair restoration process, our team at Jae Pak MD Medical is here to help. Reach out today and schedule a consultation to learn about all your options and make the best choice for your goals.




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