FUE Hair Transplant | Procedure, Recovery, Cost, and Considerations (Part 2)

- Reviewed by: Dr. Jae Pak, M.D.

Actual FUE Patient of Dr. Pak – 1723 Grafts to Crown and Hairline

FUE surgery is appealing to many hair transplant clients who want to avoid scarring, speed up the recovery process, and create a long-term strategy for hair restoration that may involve multiple procedures over time.

But what can you expect to pay for FUE surgery, and what factors contribute to the price? Are there any unexpected costs that come into play? Let’s find out.

Clinic and Surgeon Quality

First and foremost, the ability and reputation of your surgeon will be the main determinant of how much the surgery will cost in total.

Since FUE is still a relatively new method in hair restoration, fewer doctors and clinics are offering the procedure, reducing the supply of service and increasing prices.

On top of that, the level of skill and technique required for FUE is much higher than FUT, and clinics must also invest in new technologies and training for staff members to do it properly. These all contribute to the increased cost of an FUE procedure.

Finally, FUE is simply more demanding, with greater technical and artistic input for every individual transplant. The majority of this extra time is spent on harvesting and preparing grafts, but the results are worthwhile for many satisfied patients.

Scope of Surgery

Aside from the skills and abilities of your surgeon, the key variable when calculating FUE cost is the number of grafts that will be harvested and transplanted in a session.

Since FUE requires the extraction of individual follicles (typically containing two or three hairs), the process is far more labor-intensive than FUT, which can harvest many thousands of hair in a single strip from the donor area.

Therefore, the cost-per-graft for most surgeons is considerably higher than the price of FUT procedures – sometimes twice or more. However, highly experienced surgeons will only raise the cost slightly for FUE grafts, so be sure to review relevant pricing policies.

Keep in mind that most FUE surgeries do not exceed more than a few thousand grafts, but that prices can range anywhere from $5,000 to $15,000 per session, depending on all the factors we’ve described.

Keep in mind that most health insurance plans will cover very little – if any – of your costs for FUE or other types of cosmetic surgeries.

It’s worth discussing payment plans with your clinic if needed, and be sure to explore all your options before committing to a doctor and procedure type.

Treatment, Repeat Procedures, and More

The price of an FUE hair transplant will make up most of your expenses, but always be aware of other costs and considerations when undergoing a hair transplant of any kind.

Other costs could include medication or supplies required for recovery, alternative treatments recommended by your doctor, or the cost of lifestyle changes to maximize the health and longevity of your transplanted hair.

With FUE, there is also a higher likelihood that repeat procedures are required to achieve the best results. While FUT is considered a more comprehensive surgery for one-time results, FUE is more commonly performed in smaller sessions over time.

You should decide on this with your doctor during the consultation, but some clients will plan out more sessions for months or years following the initial FUE procedure.

Finding a Doctor and Consultation

If you’re paying top dollar for FUE, be sure that your clinic, the surgeon, and the team of technicians are highly qualified and vetted on every level.

Here are some tips for finding a great FUE surgeon, what to look for in a clinic, and how to navigate the consultation process in an efficient, effective way.

FUE Surgeon Checklist

In your search for a great FUE surgeon, you might find it difficult to locate doctors that specialize in this procedure.

Only an actual M.D. with a board certification should be considered. It is important to note that there is no actual board certification in hair restoration. (Only a certificate without training that doctors can send away for in exchange for a fee.)

It is also important to note that many hair restoration doctors try to promote the Artas Robot as the latest in technology. However, most doctors who use the robot do not have the skills to perform the procedure by hand and often have medical techs monitoring the hair removal of the robot. They do not do this themselves and the rate of transection is increased.

As you compare surgeons side by side, make sure you have access to records, reviews, testimonials, and plenty of before-and-after pictures that will give you an idea of what the surgeon can accomplish.

It’s also a good sign if your FUE doctor has made a scientific or engineering contribution to the specific practice of FUE since the method is still evolving and improving each year.

Be cautious if a doctor is brand new to FUE, or doesn’t have a solid foundation of testimonials and pictures to support their claims. Also, go with your instinct when it comes to exploring clinics, and expect a high level of service from staff members and doctors at every step.

Consultation and Next Steps

A consultation for FUE should begin as a more general hair transplant consultation. You might consider yourself to be a perfect candidate for FUE, and this could be true, but it’s important to keep an open mind when speaking face to face with your doctor.

The best hair restoration specialists will consider all the key facts when assessing your hair loss situation and the best route forward, including treatment, lifestyle changes, or transplant, if necessary.

Be cautious of doctors that push you towards a particular type of surgery without doing a proper consultation – it should be a collaboration between you and your doctor, rather than a one-way conversation.

Perhaps FUE will not be the agreed-upon best course of action for your needs, or the doctor points you in another direction based on their medical expertise and experience. Be open to different possibilities and keep the conversation going after the procedure is complete.

Ready to Begin your FUE Journey?

If you’re interested in FUE or any other type of hair restoration surgery, be sure to explore the website of Jae Pak, MD, one of the world’s most renowned hair restoration specialists.

Refer back to this site and guide as you navigate the process of hair loss and seek real solutions like FUE. Experience, artistry, and technology are the key factors for FUE and hair transplants of all kinds, so don’t compromise on quality and make the process stress-free all the way.





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